Happy In The Midst Of

Rest, Renewal, and Christian Spiritual Retooling

Would you like to have the Tools to enable you to live a happier, less stressed and more peaceful Life? You will be taught these Tools during a Happy In The Midst Of Experience.

Happy In The Midst Of provides life-changing, Christian Spiritual Retooling Experiences for Women. We do this via our Retreat Experiences. We also provide this via one-on-one sessions with our founder, Gillian Freelove-Jones.

Our Retreat Experiences

During a Happy In The Midst Of Retreat Experience you will take a true break from life AND you will be presented with life-changing Spiritual Tools. These Tools can allow you to have more peace, more happiness, and more serenity in your life.

Happy In The Midst Of Retreat Experiences are specifically designed to allow you to come aside from life and take a true break from life. Our Retreat Experiences are also designed to provide you with life-changing Christian Spiritual Tools. After attending one of our Retreat Experiences you will be rested, refreshed and you will be ready to re-enter your life and enjoy more serenity, more peace and more happiness, using the Tools you have been given.

We are currently providing 1-Day Retreats and 4-Night Retreats.

Our Retreat Experiences are held on the beautiful island of Bermuda, and if you are not from Bermuda allow me to share with you that we are so close to the USA and Canada that you will barely have time to daydream about your trip, before your flight lands and you are dipping your toes into the gorgeous turquoise waters and relaxing on pink sand beaches, there are daily flights to Bermuda from all over the US and Canada. We look forward to welcoming you into one of our Retreat Experiences.

One-On-One Private Sessions

You may meet privately with our founder, Mrs. Gillian Freelove-Jones. During a one-on-one session, you will receive confidential, innovative Christian Spiritual Retooling.

One-on-one sessions may be booked by clicking on our Contact Us page and emailing us your request to meet.


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Pieces of Wisdom

How To Feel GREAT About Yourself


Have you believed Lies about yourself, Lies which are negatively affecting your life?
Many people have.
Lies such as—-
• I am not loveable
• I am not enough
• Something is wrong with me
• I am not okay
• I am worthless

Have you believed one of these Lies about yourself?—- Or something very similar?
In most cases, these Lies come from Wounds we received while we were growing up.
Someone else said it this way—-
“Your wounds brought Messages with them. Lots of Messages. Somehow they all usually land in the same place. They all had a similar theme, ‘you are worthless’, ‘you are too much….and not enough’, ‘you’re a disappointment’, ‘you are repulsive’. On and on they go. Because they were delivered with such pain, they felt true, they pierced our hearts and they seemed so true, so we accepted the Message as fact, we embraced it as the verdict on us.” this excerpt is from the book, Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John & Stasi Eldredge