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Rest, Renewal, and Spiritual Re-tooling

Happy In The Midst Of Retreat Experiences, provide life-changing Christian Spiritual Retooling Retreat Experiences for Mom's and Other Busy Women. Our Retreat Experiences are specifically designed to grant Mom's and Other Busy Women a true break from life AND to provide innovative, empowering Christian Spiritual Re-tooling.

During each Retreat Experience Women come aside from life and they rest and relax AND they are presented with many Spiritual Tools. These Tools can enable them to live a happier, less stressed, and more peaceful life.

Are you tired, exhausted and burdened down by life? Are you tired of getting up early every morning, to help your kids, or to go to work? Happy In The Midst Of Retreat Experiences are specifically designed to allow you to come aside and take a true break from life, AND to provide you with empowering, life-changing Christian Spiritual Re-tooling, after attending one of our Retreat Experiences you will be rested, refreshed and ready to re-enter your life and enjoy more serenity and more happiness, using the Tools you have been given. These Tools can enable you to be happier in the midst of... whatever your life holds.

We are currently providing 1-Day Retreats and 4-Night Retreats.

Our Retreat Experiences are held on the beautiful island of Bermuda, which is so close to the USA and Canada that you will barely have time to daydream about your trip before your flight lands and you are dipping your toes into the gorgeous turquoise waters and relaxing on pink sand beaches, there are daily flights to Bermuda from all over the US, Canada and the UK. We look forward to welcoming you into one of our Retreat Experiences.


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Pieces of Wisdom

How To Have Peace

Summary of Article—-

Are you a Christian, but you don’t have peace?
Are you one of the millions of people who are Christians but who don’t have peace or joy?
I know how you feel. It is no fun, and it is NO WAY TO LIVE.
In fact, it is a horrible way to live.
I lived that way for several years, BUT I found a way out. I found THE WAY OUT.
There is an answer. There is a solution.
You don’t have to live that way anymore…